Jesse Webber is an accomplished musician who started performing professionally at an early age. He has honed his craft as a producer/performer and is based out of the South West region of Ontario.

A few of the quality productions Jesse has produced are: The CRAZY DIAMONDS “A Tribute to Pink Floyd”,  CARRY ON: The Music of Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, DANCING DAZE: The Music of Led Zeppelin, and co-produced “ESCAPE to LAUREL CANYON: the stories and songs of the artists that originated from Laurel Canyon” In the late ’60s.

Some of Jesse’s musical highlights include performing at The Cavern Club in England and sharing festival stages with such acts as Kiss, The Stone Temple Pilots, The Brian Setzer Orchestra, Manfred Mann, Alice Cooper, and many more. Jesse has received numerous accolades and awards as a performer/producer.

Throughout his career, he has acquired well over 10,000 hours of experience in teaching, producing, writing, and performing music in the professional arts.

As a producer/performer and agent at Titan Productions, Jesse is committed to serving his clients with integrity as a booking manager, producer, and performer.