Ascension Groove is a 5-piece, musically diverse group with a tight rhythm section of keys, bass, and drums. Fronting the band are two female singers who double on percussion, guitar, and saxophone. The entire band sings current dance, top 40, 80’s, Disco, R&B, Motown, Latin, Reggae, Calypso, 50’s and 60’s, Jazz, Smooth Jazz, Swing, Rock & Roll, Classic Rock, and even Country in English, Spanish, Italian, Arabic, Portuguese, and French.

Ascension Groove has been entertaining Toronto & the GTA for over10 years. They’ve made music all over the world, from the exclusive hotels and resorts of Europe, Asia & the Middle East, to the luxury cruise lines of the Caribbean, Mediterranean & Alaska Panhandle.

In addition to dance clubs & casinos they’ve also performed for some of the more high profile clubs in Toronto including: the Cricket Club, the Granite Club, the Jockey Club, and the Royal Canadian Yacht Club. The band has performed at venues such as Casa Loma, The Courthouse, McLean House, Liberty Grand, and Arcadian Court. Corporate clients include the Bank of Montreal, HPBA, ReMax, and CYMBL.

Ascension Groove provides full service musical entertainment from solo pianist to eight piece band. They can take you from an intimate ceremony, to smart cocktails, to full dance party. Ascension Groove has high energy and spirit that will keep the crowd on its feet and help create an unforgettable evening.