Freddy Vette & the Flames have been rocking since 2002. Their show is not an impersonation type show. Wait a minute…maybe it is. They do their best to impersonate a Rock & Roll band plucked from the explosive era of 1955-1959 transported to you over 50 years later. Freddy Vette & The Flames’ show is an atomic, entertaining, electrifying, true Rock & Roll Spectacle that pays respect to the music, artists and the audience that started it all!

In Freddy’s own words, “Although the great recordings of the music from that time are still sounding fresh as a daisy, most of the original performers are pushing up daisies. Wow, that was a poor choice of words! Still, kinda funny! Anyway, here is a look at the good folks that help make it happen.

Freddy Vette (vocals, piano, guitar)was born on a mountain top in Tennessee…not really. More like a hospital in Belleville, Ontario. Oh well, not so legendary. He’s been playing music in some sort of band since the age of 14. Freddy loves Rock & Roll music because it still gives him goosebumps when he hears it and when he plays it.

Enough about Freddy … how ’bout Betty! Betty Vette (vocals) is “The Queen of Shake”. You wanna believe it. Have mercy! She’s leads the female vocal trio and does a fabulous job. Connie Francis, Patsy Cline, Chiffons….all that good stuff. Betty also designs and co-ordinates the stage attire for the girls. She doesn’t sew, but she knows what she likes! I guess she likes Freddy ’cause she married him!

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