In 1989 Emmanuel, Rogers & Irvine formed LMT Connection in Niagara Falls. Without even the luxury of a rehearsal, Irvine added an unbelievable energy and rawness to the tightly developed jazz funk groove Rogers and Emmanuel had mastered over their five years together. Their new CD “Universal Soul” is an all-original CD combining the elements of classic Soul songwriting with an incredible live-off-the-floor studio performance.

Since 1989 these three musicians have performed over 4000 gigs and released 3 albums. Their first, released in 1992, is “Sometime Later”, an all-original album of classic, sophisticated R&B. Then in 1999 they followed with “Outta Control”, a dynamic CD capturing the energy of their live show. They have shared the stage with such diverse artists as Motown’s Temptations, world-renowned B3 jazz organist Joey Defrancesco, and legendary guitar hero Alex Lifeson of Rush.

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