Michael is a stunning 7 string solo jazz guitarist & Vocalist. At a Michael Maguire performance you will be treated to wonderful renditions of songs like “Here’s that rainy day”, “Autumn leaves”, “It had to be you”, “Dream a little Dream”, “Summertime”, “Sweet Georgia Brown”, “Moonlight in Vermont”, “Misty”, “Route 66”, “Unforgettable” and many more unforgettable hits.

He has appeared extensively in Southern Ontario as a house musician at Calhoun’s, Tiffany’s, Royal Connaught Hotel, John Doe’s Restaurant, Caddies Restaurant and The Masque in Hamilton. Michael has also played throughout Niagara at Chapters Book Stores from St. Catherines to Brampton, The Pepperwood and West Plains Bistro in Burlington, Manhattan’s in Guelph, Fanzorelli’s in Brampton and The Lazy Flamingo in Hamilton.

“When I was little, I told my mom that I wanted to grow up to be a musician. She said, “Don’t be silly! You know you can’t do both!” – Michael Maguire.

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