For over twenty years, André has performed many different characters.

André began his career as a teenager when he founds a mime group who uses innovative techniques. He later trains as an actor at John Abbott College. He wrote and played in a short film broadcasted several times at CBC. In 1983, he created an innovative robotic character, Paradox the Robot that fascinated the public and gave him artistic recognition. He has performed at the International Cervantino Festival in Mexico and at the World Fairs of South Korea, Australia and Vancouver. He performs in shows with circus artists for theatres, festivals and major corporate events.

He also experiments with multi-media. Lux was presented at the Spectrum of Montréal, in Japan and the United States. His passion for music has led him to compose the soundtracks for his shows. He works and travels in Australia, Asia and Europe where he studies their culture, dance and music. His distinctive approach to movement (oriental and western dances, martial arts and especially mime) has allowed him to create impressive and hilarious characters that have enthralled audiences around the world.

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