Sandra and The Latin Groove is a premium musical and visual experience. This act fills the stage with professionally choreographed dancers in dazzling costumes who mesmerize and invigorate with their seductive movements and boundless energy. A large compliment of highly trained musicians playing a wide variety of electric, acoustic, brass and percussive instruments provide the pulsing Cuban rhythms and sonic sensations that fill the air with the soul-seducing sounds of the islands. Front and center finds the beautiful and multi-talented Sandra, a commanding performer who culminates and integrates the entire ensemble with her charismatic movements and outstanding vocals!

Sandra and The Latin Groove have played around the world and performed to delighted Canadian audiences at the Casino of Montréal, Casino of Woodbine Toronto, Casino of Halifax, Festival TLN (Toronto), Grand Prix of Montréal, The Grey cup in Montréal, and many others.

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