Nancy skillfully portrays the most legendary Canadian Country artist ever known: Canada’s Country Sweetheart, Shania Twain.

You ask any girl today who they want to be like and you will hear SHANIA! She gives a whole new meaning to country music. She has often described her life as a “dream come true.” In fact, she’s Cinderella and Snow White rolled into one. That is exactly how Nancy Tromm feels when she hits the stage.

Nancy was raised in the little township of Puslinch, Ontario. She has been a tribute to many famous singers and feels performing Shania has awakened her true personality.

Nancy has been performing Shania all over North America for over 5 years. Experiencing one of Nancy’s performances is as though you’re watching the complete video collection of Shania Twain. With every exciting costume from the videos Man, I Feel Like a Woman and That Don’t Impress me Much she has it all. Right down to the leopard suitcase, top hat, beaded gloves and the Thigh High Boots, she will “Rock this Country!”