Shea D’s sound is a cocktail of jazz, pop and soul enriched by various percussive instruments.

Peter and Juliet have been performing in the Niagara region and around the globe for years individually and then when they met in 2006 thought it a good idea to collaborate. This is when they formed the Shea D Duo.

Ever since they have been performing in Canada and across the globe. So far they have performed in Morocco, Brazil, the Caribbean and Hong Kong and they look forward to performing abroad even more.

They call Niagara home and you can find them all over the region in the Spring, Summer and Fall. Peter Shea and Juliet Dunn are the Shea D Duo. Together their sound is a cocktail of jazz, pop and soul enriched by various percussive instruments. Their love for music shines through in every performance.

Peter Shea graduated from the University of Toronto with a degree in jazz performance and composition and has been performing as a drummer, pianist and vocalist for over 20 years. He has played many prestigious jazz festivals, Montreal, Toronto etc., as well as playing for musical theatre productions such as The Jersey Boys, Tony and Tina’s Wedding and more.

Juliet Dunn is both an actress and singer and came to the Niagara Peninsula to perform and sing at the Shaw Festival Theatre. Her background ranges from popular music to jazz and she obtained most of her vocal training in Paris, France where she resided for 13 years. Her self-named Juliet Dunn Quintet has performed at many jazz festivals in Canada and is the recent winner of the Niagara Music Awards, 2009 Jazz Group of the Year.

Peter and Juliet also donate their time regularly to Hospice Niagara with afternoon performances, and at other local organizations and charities such as Heart Niagara, Big Brothers and Sisters and more. They are happy to give back to such a wonderful community.

Both Juliet and Peter also perform with their separate bands, The Peter Shea Trio, The Juliet Dunn Quintet, and the Kitt Cat Collective.

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