Since 1983, Jeff & Tessa Evason have created a buzz worldwide at corporate functions and private parties ranging from intimate gatherings to major events. Their slick blend of mind magic and comic relief generates amazement, enthusiasm and laughter unlike anything you have ever witnessed. Even the most skeptical audience members will react with wide-eyed wonder at this world-renowned Mentalist Duo. The style is intelligent and sophisticated with a focus on fun. No one is ever embarrassed or offended. The impact on the audience is one that will not soon be forgotten!

The highlight of the show captures the essence of the connection between this husband and wife team. While Tessa remains on stage wearing a blindfold, Jeff wanders through the audience approaching random volunteers. People are eager to participate. You find yourself speechless as Tessa calls your first and last names, and if you like, your date of birth. You’re holding a picture of a loved one. Tessa speaks a name. You are dumbfounded. She just identified the person in your photograph. You’re thinking, how is it possible? But the experience defies explanation. You’re amazed by what you see, yet find it too incredible for words. And you wonder if everyone else is thinking the same thing. But then again, you can’t read their minds like Tessa can.

She knows the number of keys you carry and the type of car you drive. She describes the ring you’re wearing and tells who gave it to you. You think of a friend’s phone number and she not only tells you what it is, she also knows the name of your friend! You scratch your head with puzzlement when she reveals the serial number on any bill in your wallet. Amazingly, she seems to know all about you, even though you have never met before.

Regardless of whether or not you accept ESP as reality, their goal is to entertain the believers and the skeptics alike. Jeff & Tessa don’t call themselves psychics and they don’t claim to have supernatural powers. But keep in mind, they have no secret assistants and they do not use any concealed electronic communication devices. In fact they offer $100,000 to anyone who can prove otherwise.

It’s refreshing to find an act that is well-suited to groups of all ages. The Evasons stage a clean, family-friendly show that stimulates the mind and tickles the imagination of audiences young and old. Jeff & Tessa have been fortunate enough to entertain audiences in over 35 countries around the world! Be it a Holiday party at the home office, or a retreat to an exotic island locale, The Evasons will ‘deliver’ their unique brand of entertainment to your next event. Size doesn’t matter. An intimate group of 40 or an energetic auditorium of 4,000 will find The Evasons to be a spell-binding night of entertainment.

For all kinds of corporate events – after-dinner shows, awards banquets, conventions, sales conferences, association meetings, gala evenings, trade shows, customer appreciation and hospitality suites – book the Evasons as your main attraction and you won’t need Tessa to foretell a show-stopping success!

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