Are you ready for a hilarious, hypnotic event?

Then please allow Titan Creative Entertainment the pleasure of introducing you to The Incredible Boris!

Boris is a versatile Mentalist/Hypnotist. His unique style and powerful stage presence transforms any event into an extraordinary experience. Audiences are laughing hysterically while being amazed by this fantastic demonstration of mind control. The show is a fast pace adventure, brilliantly choreographed to music. Everyone gets involved. Audience members venture into a world of wonders, whose boundaries are only that of imagination. Anything Boris suggests becomes a reality. People travel to distant places, become celebrities, impersonate cartoon characters, or lose their belly buttons. It is a superb performance filled with intrigue and laughter. The demonstrations are phenomenal. Even the hardcore skeptics walk away believing the impossible, thoroughly convinced. Boris acknowledges skeptics, because at one point, he was one.

The Incredible Boris is dazzling audiences across United States, Canada, and as far away as the Caribbean, Hawaii, Japan, Korea and Russia. He is a favorite on cruise ships. His fascinating show is a guaranteed success, always resulting in a return engagement. The Incredible BORIS is everything his name suggests and has lived up to both his name and reputation on Open Mike with Mike Bullard, Howie Mandel, Montel Williams, Arsenio Hall, Montreal’s Just for Laughs Festival, PAX’s Live with David Lynch, Much Music, Dini Petti Show, Ed’s Night Party and every major local TV and radio show.

Boris’ first professional engagements as a comedy hypnotist began when he was only 17 and gave start to a vast entertainment career that lead to worldwide performances from Amsterdam to Japan, across USA and Canada. Having spent over 25 years entertaining, and performing upwards of 300 shows a year, Boris is a regular fixture in many settings – from theatres and night clubs to corporate functions and casino showrooms. The show is always a guaranteed success.

Music has been a large part of Boris’ life, having finished grade six of the Royal Conservatory of Music in flute and also proficient in six other musical instruments – guitar, saxophone, base, drums, piano and clarinet. That is why the show is musical, keeping the rapid pace between the never-ending laughter.

This show always delivers a positive message. At the end of every show the participants are given positive suggestions as a thank you for their involvement. The show never oversteps the boundaries of good taste, insuring that the audience is laughing with the participants and not at them.

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