If there was one word to describe Paul’s Trulee Odd Show it would be FUN!!

He juggles and unicycles.

He eats and spits fire.

He rides a tiny motorcycle doing wheelies and jumps.

He has really cool pants.

He is Trulee Odd!

Paul’s high energy show focuses on amazement, humor, audience interaction, laughter and most of all creating special memories the entire family can share. At first Paul blamed watching too many Looney Tunes cartoons as a kid for his choice of career but then admits he got started at age 16 after seeing a fire eater on a beach in California.

The Trulee Odd Show has entertained thousands of people around the world. Now Titan Creative Entertainment provides you an opportunity to give the patrons and guests of your next venue the chance to enjoy his spectacular stunts. Paul bundles fire eating, juggling dangerous objects on a 10 foot unicycle while blindfolded and wheelies on his mini-motorcycle with slapstick comedy and quick wit.

After experiencing this Trulee Odd Show you will be left dazzled, amazed, thrilled and wanting more!

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